Hi hello I'm Mary Gael! I am twenty years old on the outside, but inside I am fifty-seven to eighty. My home is in the beautiful heart of industry, Cleveland, Ohio, but currently I call a little dorm room in the English countryside home. I have been here for nearly year and am experiencing many travels and I invite you to join me for reflective comments, whining, observations about English people (what is a brill?), and many, many photographs.

I used to be
  • a horse girl
  • a full-time pessimist/cynic masquerading as a realist
  • "scene"
  • interested in becoming the POTUS, a vet, a pharmacist, a lawyer, a stay at home mother, not a mother at all, publisher, full-time writer
I am
  • an individual who wears a denim shirt with ponies embroidered on it, owns a wallet with a gold metal horse on the front, and occasionally wears a Peter Pan collared dress with horses printed all over it
  • cautiously optimistic
  • ruled by the moon
  • (an English major w/ minors in Peace and Conflict Studies and Women's Studies)
  • a feminist
  • dreaming of becoming a TV writer/talk show host/published writer/comedian/librarian
  • trying to get a hang of things


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